Kings Bowl- Yelp Elite: See Yelp Rolling


When I think of bowling alleys, I think of teenager B.O., bad music, intense smoking, smelly shoes and bad concession stand food but Kings Chicago couldn’t be further removed from this.

Kings Bowl is located in the New City shopping center in the Lincoln Park neighborhood near Halstead St. and Clybourn Ave.  The space is retro themed and plays homage to the 80’s rollerskating/bowling alleys with an updated modern, fresh vibe.  The space is perfect for dates, groups of all sizes and corporate or family birthday parties.  The selection of tables is vast and the service is spot on.

Last night Kings bowl and Yelp Chicago hosted some of the amazing Chicago Yelp Elite for a night of drinks, food and bowling.

We were greeted with name tags and directions for drinks and food. Appetizers and sample sized cocktails were on the counter for the group to choose from. For being sample sized they were quite generous!


The drink selections were:

Phish [Rum with coconut, citrus & pineapple]– I didn’t get a chance to try this but others mentioned it was pretty good!

Vintage [Bourbon– Old fashioned with a twist] – I tried this despite the fact that I’m not a huge fan of Bourbon. It was very potent but tasty!

Shaman [Mezcal, smoky with pineapple & Basil] Mezcal is a bit more ‘smoky’ than tequila, which threw some tequila drinkers for a loop. The smoky pineapple made it VERY good! If you like Mezcal– this is the drink for you!

Gin & Cukes [Gin with cucumber, lime & grapefruit bitters] – Another I wasn’t able to try but several elites seemed to be swooping them up so they must have been tasty!

Rose Sangria [Rose with citrus & berry] – This was my personal favorite. It was light and full of flavor and PERFECT for warm weather!


There are many more cocktails to choose from on their list. They even have descriptions based on flavor profiles which I found unique and helpful! Of course there were beer and wine options as well and for the non-alcoholics there were plenty of choices too!


The appetizers and pizza selections were spread throughout the space. I wasn’t able to try everything but I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites!

Rosemary Chicken wings These wings were my favorite appetizer! [Pictured below] They were loaded with rosemary flavor and juicy (unlike a lot of flavored wings out there) There wasn’t even a need to dip them in a sauce!


Pizza: I tried the mushroom/arugula/white sauce pizza and it was INCREDIBLE- I could have eaten the whole pizza. [why didn’t I get more pieces?] The other pizza that I tried was bacon/pepperoni/sausage. It was good but fairly unimpressive compared to the first I tried.

Other apps: There were several other appetizers that I tried including the buffalo chicken wantons (crispy and flavorful) guacamole, and southwest spring rolls (my second favorite app!) and the crab Rangoon (the first round was really good, while the second not so much)  I’d highly recommend ordering a few servings of each if you’re feeling the ‘sharing’ mood and that way you can try all of the things!

Desert: We were brought small pieces of these s’more/brownie concoctions that were amazing! [I may have had 3 :D] They were gooey and chocolaty and sweet! Another with marshmallows on it is a hit for me!


The food overall was quite impressive, especially given the fact that it was in a bowling alley. My biggest takeaway is that you can’t go wrong ordering the wings in any flavor!

Bowling: After filling our bellies, we were invited into the King Pin room, a special room specifically designed for groups to reserve with four bowling lanes. Although this was more of an area with a curtain, it was quite cool to be sectioned off from the other bowling alley space. The area was filled with pictures and disco balls and all of the things that would make a birthday party a big hit!

Overall: I would highly recommend checking out Kings Bowling for the drinks, food and of course bowling! Thanks again Yelp Chicago and Kings for a fantastic event!IMG_20170519_130408_258.jpg

Our lane featuring: Bill M, Louie N, Ritu D, Ali F, Eric S & myself! This group was super fun and I really enjoyed bowling with them 😀

Got any other favorite activity spots in Chicago? Let me know in the comments!



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